Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Broadcasting

In Suaahara Procurement by Pravin Poudel

 Procurement Form(PF) Number  PF-NP-CO-2021-8-17
Issuance Date:  August 18, 2021
Quotation / Proposal Submission Deadline: August 29, 2021 by 5:00 p.m. Nepal Standard Time
Quotation Submission Method:   Quotation / Proposal must be submitted electronically at and please refer to RFQ (Ref. PF-NP-CO2021-8-17) posted on for additional details and requirements.
Background:      Helen Keller International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving and improving the sight and lives of the world’s vulnerable by combatting the causes and consequences of blindness, poor health and malnutrition.
It is leading the consortium of CARE, FHI 360, Nepali Technical Assistance Group (NTAG), Digital Broadcast Initiative Equal Access (DBIEA), Environment and Public Health Organization (ENPHO), and Vijaya Development Resource Centre (VDRC) to implement the USAID’s Suaahara II “Good Nutrition” Program in Nepal.
Funded By:      United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Cooperative Agreement No.: AID-367-A-l6-00006
Implemented By:      Helen Keller International Nepal

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Helen Keller International reserves the right to reject any or all quotations received without explanation.