Job Description: Project Director

In Vacancy by HKI NP

Job Purpose:
This position will be responsible to lead the ARCH project and undertake research and focused consultations to generate data useful for policy and decision-making processes, communicate the information to stakeholders for promoting and protecting optimal breastfeeding practices according to the recommendations of WHO and UNICEF.
Overall Responsibilities:
The position is responsible for ensuring HKI’s best practices are upheld, including adherence to the code of conduct, policies and procedures, financial accountability and making sure official matters are kept confidential.
Ensuring quality is a primary objective of HKI’s programming and monitoring and evaluation oversight is a requirement of all coordinators and managers and above to achieve the best outcomes possible.
As gender and social inclusion (GESI) is a cross-cutting and core component for HKI programs, all personnel are required to ensure GESI sensitivity and integration where they work. Oversee and ensure GESI aspects and indicators are addressed across institutional strategic and programmatic levels.

Download: JD_Project Director ARCH (pdf)